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This is a 30-minute video recording of your birth card chart (and a bit of your Tropical Vedic Astrological chart) including a description of your birth card and ecliptic card. 


Your self-identifying cards will be described, which include the card with your Sun, the card with your Moon, the card with your Atmakaraka, and your ascendant card.


This reading comes with one question.


This reading doesn't include a look into the year ahead. If you would like a deeper analysis that includes a deep look at your psychological and emotional tendencies as well as your strengths and possible areas that you may want to strengthen, please see the 90-minute Cards of Truth reading. 


For more information about the Cards of Truth System, please visit:


Complete the form on the "Book a Reading" page or email me ( your birthdate, birth location, and time of birth.


Terms & conditions:

30-Minute Cards of Truth Reading

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