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This is a 60 minute video recording. Using the Cards of Truth System, I will examine the relationship between your planets within the first seven cards in your birth card spread and your partner's planets and cards. I will study the relationship indicators of each of your individual charts, your compatibility potential, how the cards and planets can influence the partnership, and the long-term potential of the connection.


BONUS: I will cast a compatibility card spread to see the compatibility in the areas of spirituality, romance, family, sexuality, and more!

Provide the name, date of birth, location and the time of birth (if you have it) of both parties in the form below or email it to


I ask that you have the other person's consent for me to do the compatibility reading.


Please ask me up to three questions about your birth card spread or anything else. Complete the booking form or email me ( your birth date, birth location and time.

Compatibility Reading (Cardology)

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