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This is a 75 minute Solar Return reading of the year ahead using astrology and the Cards of Truth system (cardology). Please purchase this reading on or around your birthday because that's when we get a new birth card chart and solar return chart for the year.  On our birthdays, the Sun begins a new cycle. The Sun represents our inspirations and aspirations so the birthday can be a good time to see what's in store for you the next year. 


In this reading, we'll take a look at the card you're running for the year, the ecliptic card (which is the path you'll be on for the next year), along with all 13 cards for the year.  


Further, I'll analyze the critical transits and Rahu & Ketu predictions for the year ahead.  I will also discuss planetary returns and planets maturing in your chart, if applicable. This reading is suited for anyone who would generally like to know what to expect in the year ahead.


I'll not only look at predictions but any spiritual/psychological lessons you'll be learning.


Please email me your birthdate, birth time and location, along with three questions you may have or complete the booking form. Also, please indicate your level of knowledge when it comes to astrology and cartomancy so I know how much I should explain the cards and planets in the reading.

Solar Return Astrological/Cardology Reading

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