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About Me

Welcome to my website! My name is Gina and I'm an adventurous Sagittarius who lives in California. I'm a travel addict who enjoys exploring new countries and learning about the beautiful traditions of other cultures. Hiking and salsa dancing are also my favorite pastimes. When I'm not working, I spend most of my time voraciously studying astrology and reading personal development books. Nerd alert!


I hold a BA in Psychology and an MS in Marriage & Family Therapy from San Diego State University. With over fifteen years of counseling and teaching experience,  I've always enjoyed listening to people's stories and helping them on their path. However, when I began studying astrology and then later, The Cards of Truth System, I found that just by looking at a birth chart, I could pinpoint potential habits, psychological traits, life lessons, conscious and unconscious behaviors, strengths and challenges, and so on. In other words, we can see what could sometimes take years to unveil in counseling sessions in a matter of minutes by looking at a birth chart. ​



While astrology is a spiritual tool that helps us to get a broad perspective of our life path and our karmic lessons, astrological and card readings aren't meant to replace the meaningful and often necessary work of psychotherapists.


After learning Western Astrology in 2018, I came across the teachings of a phenomenal Vedic Astrologer named Ernst Wilhelm and his Cards of Truth (COT) system. Despite being skeptical, I was intrigued to dive deeply into this unique predictive system.  Ever since I took the COT course at the beginning of 2019, I've been amazed by how helpful and accurate the system is and how dramatically my life has changed as I learned more about myself and my spiritual lessons.  Today, my goal is to empower others to find peace and healing through astrology, cartomancy, and intuitive guidance.

Photo of me at Medinet Habu Temple in Luxor, Egypt

I've been studying Tropical Vedic Astrology under Ernst Wilhelm since 2020. And, wow, I've witnessed monumental shifts in my life as my self-respect and sense of peace grow each day! In your astrological reading, I'll recommend practical ways on how to shift your unproductive habits in order to make life go more smoothly and highlight the beneficial ones that you're already doing. This esoteric insight has helped people  become more energetic, peaceful, less stuck, happier, patient, creative, loving, prosperous, and much more.  

The crown reference on my website not only speaks of our dignified power that I've learned to embrace but also the importance of mastering our thoughts and minds. We experience liberation and Divine connectivity by transmuting our lower nature and cultivating a higher level of consciousness.

If you're ready to attract more clarity, joy, peace of mind, wellness, wealth, purpose, and love into your life, then this may be your sign to receive astrological and/or card readings.

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