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What clients have said...

"I definitely give HerCosmicCrown 5 stars!
I've never had a reading done with playing cards before, I was curious and wanted one done. I loved how Gina incorporated astrology and tarot to give the cards more depth and it gave me something more familiar to associate the cards to since I study astrology and a little tarot. Gina gave a lot of information with each reading and made sure she explained every card to the fullest extent. She made sure that if I had any questions she would be happy to explain and help me understand. She kept her timeline of delivery and was very professional. Definitely a 5 star reading!
Thank you so much!"         

        Scarlette C., NY

"I have had prior readings before, but never such an in depth, well explained, and overall as genuine as Gina’s reading. She really takes the time to study your cards, explain your chart, and make you feel supported throughout. Gina will forever be my go to, and I will DEFINITELY be recommending."

Christina R.

“I never believed in card readings until I experienced it with Gina. She is very thorough when reading your cards and takes the time to explain them. She is also very supportive while providing thexplanation. I will definitely be going to her whenever I feel I need a card reading and I will be recommending her to others."

Allison G.

This reading resonated very deeply with me literally after listening to it. I felt a weight lifted from my chest. I've had a few readings before but no where I've ever actually felt the energy come from the reader. This was my best experience and I will definitely come back”     


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