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“The more you know yourself, the more clarity there is. Self-knowledge has no end - you don't come to an achievement, you don't come to a conclusion. It is an endless river.”
― J. Krishnamurti


Almost everyone knows their Sun sign but do you know your Atmakaraka, aka soul planet? Which one of the seven soul planets represents your core personality the most?  Discover who you are on a deeper level by downloading this free ebook!

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Ebook preview (revised January 2024)

  • Prepare to embark on a self-discovery journey and dive into this celestial guide's transformative power.


  • Uncover the ancient wisdom and mystical significance of the Atmakaraka, the planet that represents the essence of your soul. Gain insights into your personality by discovering your planetary traits and how to use them effectively.


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What's an Atmakaraka, aka soul planet?

The Atmakaraka, aka soul planet, is significant in determining your personality traits. Similar to understanding the descriptions of your Sun sign, knowing your soul planet can help you learn about yourself in a new way and you can discover how to align more with who you are in this ebook. The Atmakaraka is a Sanskrit term that translates to "soul indicator", "soul significator", or “the producer of the Self” in English. The Atmakaraka, unlike the Sun, is different for each individual. The Atmakaraka represents the journey of the soul and helps you understand your karmic path.


Also, this insight can help you be more at peace with personality characteristics that are innate to who you are. For example, if your Atmakaraka is the Moon, you may experience the world with a heightened sensitivity and inner knowing. It can bring one peace knowing that they are meant to experience the world a certain way.

Who is this ebook for? 


  1. Seekers who would like to understand the foundations of analyzing an astrological chart and learn astrological definitions and Sanskrit terms.

  2. Knowledge enthusiasts who are eager to understand themselves and others on another level through this easy Jaimini technique. 

  3. Curious souls who would like to gain a holistic understanding of their Atmakaraka and its significance to enhance their spiritual journey.

  4. Individuals who desire to discover ways to live in alignment according to their Atmakaraka and begin or continue on their self-exploration journey.

*Disclaimer: The"Know Yourself. Know Your Soul Planet" mini eBook provides astrological insights and interpretations for educational purposes. Individual experiences and outcomes may vary.

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