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Vedic Astrology

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What is Astrology?

Astrology is a very ancient and advanced science and spiritual tool that we are discovering more and more like the unknown depths of the ocean. It’s a celestial map of our life path, which includes our psychological traits, our behavior, spiritual inclinations, what we're developing, our past life/ancestral information, our conscious and unconscious states, and much more.


I've been taught to use the whole sign, whole house Tropical Vedic Astrology system. In other words, I do not use the sidereal system. 

A natal chart is a snapshot of the heavens at the exact moment we’re born. That’s why it’s best to have a correct birth time if you want it to be detailed.

  • The zodiac signs provide the descriptive flavor of what’s happening in our lives, informing us of psychological meanings. There are 12 zodiac signs and not all of them will be occupied by the seven visible planets. The signs are known as the limbs of Lord Vishnu who is the manifestation of God in all things. 


  • Each house provides specific details in the chart that answers the questions, “What?” and “Who?”. The houses are the doors in which we experience a sign. For example, the 1st house represents the path, the body, and the Self. 


  • The planets in our charts breathe life into the signs (the limbs of Lord Vishnu) in which they’re placed. Each has a unique and pivotal important role. Depending on the dignity and how healthy the planet is, based on how much other planets are hurting or helping it, will play a part in our psychological complexes/health.

“A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma. His horoscope is a challenging portrait, revealing his unalterable past and its probable future results.” –Sri Yuketeswar in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda (pg.182)

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The Signs

The sign a planet is in will provide a certain flavor of that sign. The 12 signs along with their rules and keywords are: 

​1. Aries (ruled by Mars): Leadership, Problem-Solving, Inspiration

2. Taurus (ruled by Venus): Values, Financial Security, Abundance

3. Gemini (ruled by Mercury): Creation & Destruction, Skills, Communication

4. Cancer (ruled by the Moon): Changeable Emotions, Foreign Lands, Connection 

5. Leo (ruled by the Sun): Individuality, Self-Expression, Creativity

6. Virgo (ruled by Mercury): Material Improvement, Purity, & Precepts

7. Libra (ruled by Venus): Relationships, Win-Win Situations, Fulfillment

8. Scorpio (ruled by Mars): Emotional Security, Inner Power, Transformation

9. Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter): Spiritual Teachings, Purpose, Self-Improvement

10. Capricorn (ruled by Saturn): Long-Term Success, Endurance, Survival

11. Aquarius (ruled by Saturn): Humanity, Social Security, Awareness of Lack

12. Pisces (ruled by Jupiter): Purpose, Transmutation, Self-Realization


It’s essential to know your birth time to provide details in one’s chart and for predictions. Some countries, including the United States, contain the time of birth on an individual’s birth certificate. One benefit of knowing our birth times is that it can indicate the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon the moment we were born, and that sign will be our first bhava or house cusp. The first house cusp is known as the lagna or ascendant. This lets us know in which bhava the rest of the signs fall and they’ll be in a sequential order. Each house cusp represents a specific area in life. 


The bhavas are naturally ruled by each sign in the sequential order of the signs mentioned above. For example, the first house cusp is naturally ruled by Aries, the second house cusp is naturally ruled by Taurus, and so on. 


Below is a list of some of the keywords that describe each house cusp:


  • 1st House: Body, Path, the Self

  • 2nd House: Responsibility, Resources, Family

  • 3rd House: Communication, Skills, Short-Distance Trips

  • 4th House: Home, Happiness, One’s Mother

  • 5th House: Creative Intelligence, Children, Self-Expression

  • 6th House: Health, Debt, Enemies

  • 7th House: Relationships, The Public, Buying/Selling (Trade)

  • 8th House: The Occult, Other People’s Money, Battles

  • 9th House: One’s Parents, Beliefs, Luck

  • 10th House: One’s Father, Dharma, Career

  • 11th House: Desires, Income From Career, Groups/Networks

  • 12th House: Last Wishes, Losses, Moksha (Liberation)



In Vedic Astrology, the word graha is used instead of “planet”, which means “grabber” in Sanskrit, indicating that these grahas can grab and pull us to experience various situations and distinct experiences on earth based on the sign and house they’re in as well as other factors in our natal chart. Grahas are immensely important because we can tell so much about a person’s personality based on how the grahas are interacting with each other.


Planets are constantly moving in the heavens and as they do, they’re triggering certain houses and planets in our charts and causing concrete events to happen.

See below for the keywords of each planet:

  1. Sun: The Self, Confidence, Inspiration, Intelligence

  2. Moon: Adaptability, Emotional Needs, Intuition

  3. Mars: Independence, Activity, Logical, Self-Disciplined

  4. Mercury: Investigative, Fun, Curious, Communicative

  5. Jupiter: Joy Giving Wisdom, Purpose, Creativity, Children

  6. Venus: Worth, Relationships, Fulfillment, Vitality

  7. Saturn: Limitations, Perseverance, Rest, Weaknesses, The Hour Glass

  8. Rahu: Delays, Foreign Places/People, Confusion, False Impressions

  9. Ketu: Perfection, Comfort Zone, Elimination, Uptight

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More Information & Readings

I'm passionate about studying the celestial bodies to a fault. Ever since I began studying astrology, I've been able to deal with trauma and obstacles more efficiently. By taking astrology classes, I have more self-awareness and confidence and my overall wellbeing has improved. Furthermore, this science has deepened my spiritual connection to the Divine. I thank my teacher Ernst Wilhelm who has helped me change my life for the better and see the world from a greater perspective. I now understand that the challenges I've faced have been imperative for my spiritual evolution.

In your astrological reading, I will recommend practical ways how to shift your unproductive habits to make life go more smoothly and highlight the beneficial ones that you're already doing. The purpose of my readings is to help people heal from past traumas so they can have a more fulfilled and meaningful life. This esoteric insight has helped people become more energetic, unstuck, happier, patient, creative, and much more.  


Keep in mind, that the astrological techniques I use can uncover uncomfortable issues within a person's chart. Ultimately, discovering these ideas can help individuals gain a well-rounded understanding of themselves that can help them navigate through past traumas.

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