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I'm currently offering a 90 minute Cards of Truth reading, a compatibility reading (based on the Cards of Truth), and a card divination reading where you can ask me anything. These readings, will be sent to your email in the form of a video recording.

DISCLAIMER: The Cards of Truth System and other esoteric techniques I use can uncover uncomfortable issues within a person's chart. Ultimately, discovering these ideas can help individuals gain a well-rounded understanding of themselves that can help them navigate through past traumas. Some have more complex charts than others and I attempt to describe these challenges gently. The information in the birth chart is meant to empower us as we find liberation from the circumstances in which we feel stuck and trapped.

To book a Cards of Truth Reading, click here.

About the Cards of Truth System

The Cards of Truth system founded by the renowned Tropical Vedic astrologer, Ernst Wilhelm.  This ancient card method was unveiled to the public in the 1800s and gained some recognition in the 1970s when someone made predictions for the 1976 Olympics. Wilhelm has enhanced the predictive system by integrating his knowledge of astrology, numerology, and the major arcana Tarot cards, adding depth and efficiency to the card readings.


Each day of the year has a certain energy that one of the 52 playing cards symbolizes. This incredible card system connects each card with the 52 weeks of the year and the four suits connecting to the four seasons and cycles. Each card in the deck represents a stage in life that we go through, therefore, connecting our birth card spread to our natural cycles. This system also places the planets and the houses from our Astrology chart, in their respective cards in the birth card chart.


Your birth card, the card that corresponds to the day you were born, reflects your individual essence. However, if you were born between midnight and sunrise, your birth card will be represented by the previous card. Click here to see your entire individualized birth card spread.


Take a look at the chart below. What's your birth card?

I enjoy using the Cards of Truth as a predictive system, at the same time, I really love using it to help my clients with their psychological and emotional understanding as well. Please be open to hearing some things that may be thought-provoking as I look at both conscious and unconscious and perhaps some challenging elements in your chart. My hope is to bring us closer to obtaining personal growth and self-knowledge, as we work on remedying the parts of life where we feel stuck. 


Above is an example of a Cards of Truth birth card chart, which contains 14 cards total, including your birth card. The birth card is always the top card that's in yellow, and is based on the day you were born. We read the cards from right to left. The first card is the Sun card and it's an Ace of Spades in the example.

  • The Sun card is what you have and what you're refining in your life.

  • The Moon card shows what you attract and what your resources are.

  • The Mars card exemplifies what you're getting a lot of experience with and what you may struggle with.

  • The Mercury card is what provides you with a sense of stability and a secure foundation.

  • The Jupiter card is what gets delayed in our lives and what we struggle with until we make an internal shift.

  • The Venus card shows what brings us fulfillment and contentment.

  • The Saturn card exemplifies what we're learning to eliminate and detach from.

If you share the same birth card with someone, their cards will look the exact same as yours but what makes your chart unique, are the planets that fall in each of the first seven cards, which are gathered from your Vedic astrological chart. Your individualized birth card chart shows what your strengths are and perhaps where you're getting stuck, based on the planets in your cards. For example, if you have Saturn in the 6 of Hearts Mercury card, you may really struggle with feeling secure and fulfilled in your connections and/or love life.

Who are the Cards of Truth readings for?​


  • Anyone who would like to have a unique and accurate birth card reading that combines ancient techniques using cardology, numerology and astrology

  • People who are interested in learning more about themselves and are receptive to some ideas that can support them on their path

  • Those seeking guidance and general support in navigating life

  • Individuals who want clarity and want to be empowered by discovering their subconscious and hidden fears, desires, and behaviors

  • People who understand that healing emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds is a gradual process that does not happen overnight

  • Those who would like to explore ways to lead a more balanced and successful life

What to expect in your Cards of Truth reading:

  1. 90 minute video recording that will be emailed to you

  2. An in-depth description of your Cards of Truth birth card chart and a bit of your Tropical Vedic Astrological Chart, including your birth card, ecliptic card, major self characteristics, and conscious and unconscious traits

  3. All 14 cards will be described, along with the seven visible planets in your astrological chart, and also Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node)

  4. I will analyze your psychological and emotional tendencies, as well as your strengths and possible areas that you may want to strengthen

  5. You will receive a reading on the year ahead. Our birth card chart remains the same and that reflects your personality and who you are, but for each birthday, you receive a birth card spread that you're working on for the year

  6. You can ask me up to three questions about your birth card spread or anything else you would like to know

To book a Cards of Truth Reading, click here.

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