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Welcome to my website! My name is Gina and I'm an adventurous Sagittarius who lives in California. I'm a travel addict who enjoys exploring new countries and learning about the beautiful traditions of other cultures. Hiking and salsa dancing are also my favorite pastimes. When  I'm not working, I spend most of my time voraciously studying Astrology and reading personal development books.

I have a background in Psychology and I hold a MS in Marriage & Family Therapy from San Diego State University. With over ten years of counseling and teaching experience,  I've always enjoyed listening to people's stories and helping them on their path. However, when I began studying Astrology and then, The Cards of Truth System, I found that just by looking at a birth card chart, I could pinpoint potential habits, traumas, lessons to be learned, conscious and unconscious dimensions, strengths and challenges, and so on. In other words, what could sometimes take years to unveil in counseling sessions, we can see in a matter of minutes by looking at a birth card chart. 



After obsessively learning Western Astrology beginning in 2018, I came across the teachings of a phenomenal Vedic Astrologer named Ernst Wilhelm and his Cards of Truth (COT) System. Despite being somewhat skeptical, I was intrigued to dive deeply into this unique predictive system.  Ever since I took the COT course in the beginning of 2019, I've been amazed by how helpful and accurate the system is and how dramatically my life changed as I learned more about myself.  Today, my goal is to empower others to find peace and healing in their lives through the Cards and my intuitive guidance.

By learning the Cards, I've witnessed monumental shifts in my life as my self-respect and sense of peace grow each day. Today, I combine my Psychology/counseling background and Cards of Truth knowledge to inspire other people to learn more about themselves and heal. I'm currently studying Tropical Vedic Astrology taught by Ernst.
The crown reference on my website not only speaks of our dignified power that I've learned to embrace but also the importance of mastering our thoughts and mind. We experience
 liberation and Divine connectivity by transmuting our lower nature and cultivating a higher level of consciousness.

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About the Cards of Truth System

The Cards of Truth system, taught by the renowned Tropical Vedic astrologer, Ernst Wilhelm, has its roots in the Cards of Destiny system. This ancient card method was unveiled to the public in the 1800s and gained some recognition in the 70s when someone made predictions for the 1976 Olympics. Wilhelm has enhanced the predictive system by integrating his knowledge of Astrology, numerology, and the major arcana Tarot cards, adding depth and efficiency to the card readings.


Each day of the year has a certain energy that one of the 52 playing cards symbolizes. This incredible card system connects each card with the 52 weeks of the year and the four suits connecting to the four seasons and cycles. Each card in the deck represents a stage in life that we go through, therefore, connecting our birth card spread to our natural cycles. This system also places the planets and the houses from our Astrology chart, in their respective cards in the Birth Card Chart.


Your birth card, the card that corresponds to the day you were born, reflects your individual essence. However, if you were born between midnight and sunrise, your birth card will be represented by the previous card. Click here to see your entire individualized birth card spread.


Take a look at the chart below. What's your birth card? 

I enjoy using the Cards of Truth as a predictive system, att the same time, I really love using it to help my clients with their Psychological and emotional understanding as well. Please be open to hearing some things that may be thought-provoking as I look at both conscious and unconscious and perhaps some challenging elements in your chart. My hope is to bring us closer to obtaining personal growth and self-knowledge, as we work on remedying the parts of life where we feel stuck. Click here to book a reading.

Who are the Cards of Truth readings for?

  • Anyone who would like to have a unique and out of this world card chart reading that combines ancient techniques using cardology, Numerology and some Astrology

  • People who are interested in learning more about themselves and are receptive to some ideas that can support them on their path

  • Those seeking guidance and general support in navigating life

  • Individuals who want clarity and want to be empowered by discovering their subconscious and hidden fears, desires, and behaviors

  • People who understand that healing emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds is a gradual process that does not happen overnight

  • Those who would like to explore ways to lead a more balanced and successful life


“This reading resonated very deeply with me literally after listening to it. I felt a weight lifted from my chest. I've had a few readings before but no where I've ever actually felt the energy come from the reader. This was my best experience and I will definitely come back”



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