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Did You Know This About the Jacks, Queens, & Kings? ♠️♥️♣️♦️

Updated: May 26, 2023

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Jacks are ruled by Uranus.

-The deity is Brahma who’s the creative manifestation of God

-Jacks energize 1s, 2s, & 3s but especially the #1

-The keywords for Jacks are: New beginnings, breakthroughs, creativity, and uniqueness

Queens are ruled by Neptune.

-The deity is Vishnu who’s the sustaining manifestation of God. He's the manifestation of God in all things.

-Queens energize 4s, 5s, & 6s but especially the #5

-The keywords for Queens are: Transmutation, long term effort, management, and growth

Kings are ruled by Pluto.

-The deity is Shiva who is the destructive manifestation of God

-Kings energize 7s, 8s, & 9s but especially the #9

-The keywords for Kings are: The specialist, success, selfless giving, and the destruction of the Ego

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