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What Does Your Birth Card Mean?

Updated: Mar 6

Each day of the year has a particular energy that one of the 52 playing cards symbolizes. This incredible card system connects each card with the 52 weeks of the year and the four suits corresponding to the four seasons and cycles. Each card in the deck represents a stage in life that we go through, therefore, linking our birth card to the natural cycles.


Your birth card, the card that corresponds to the day you were born, reflects your essence and what you’re striving to master. Keep in mind, that if you were born between midnight and sunrise, your birth card will be represented by the previous card. 


Take a look at the chart below. What's your birth card?

This is a calendar of all the birth cards that correspond with each day of the year.
Birth Card Calendar

The Significance of Each Suit

Each suit has an astrological and numerological significance.

Image of the Spades suit

Spades, being the first suit in the Cards of Truth system, symbolize the individual Self or the ego. The first house in astrology is ruled by Aries, which represents the path the individual is on and new beginnings. The number one corresponds to the birth of something and something new. This suit represents the challenges each faces because being born into this grueling world means facing hardships. It represents the struggle to protect one’s ego and to be strong. Depending on the number of your birth card, your strength will be tested as you learn to master your ego.

Image of the Hearts suit

Hearts is a loving and nurturing suit that signifies the connection in which individuals yearn. In astrology, the second house is ruled by Taurus, the house of getting what you need when you need it. This secondary suit is about attracting what we need and giving us joy. Hearts have to do with our feelings and emotions, especially things that make us happy. Associated with the water element, you may connect to something in a spiritual way, be it music, art, or anything else. Essentially, you strive to bond with something or someone you love because it feels good. 

Image of the Clubs suit

In astrology, the third house is ruled by Gemini, which corresponds to arms and communication. We often use our arms and hands to create something that is generated from an idea. Clubs is the third suit that is connected to our ideas, inspiration, activities, meaningful work, and interaction with others. Out of all of the suits, this one is the busiest because perhaps, this lifetime is about being productive and sharing your inspiration with others. For this reason, we see many teachers with a Clubs birth card.

Image of the Diamonds suit

In astrology, the fourth house is ruled by Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus which has to do with self-worth and value. People with this suit are learning to recognize their self-worth and as they do, they’re able to attract what they deserve. The fourth house also represents the home. The home is our foundation and our security. This is why Diamonds, the fourth suit, has to do with our safety and foundation. It’s also the suit that corresponds to anything of concrete value such as money, land, respect and titles, skills, and precious gemstones. Diamonds represent the value in the material world.

The Significance of Each Numbered/Face Card

Each number and face of a playing card corresponds to a planet or astrological point and reflects the significance of that planet. Aces= the Sun | Twos= the Moon | Threes= Mars | Fours= Mercury | Fives= Jupiter| Sixes= Venus | Sevens= Saturn | Eights= Rahu | Nines= Ketu | Tens= the Ecliptic | Jacks= Uranus | Queens= Neptunes | Kings= Pluto

  • Aces correspond to the birth of something new. This suit also has to do with the Self and the ego. People with Aces as their birth cards are learning to master themselves and embrace new things or beginnings.  

  • Twos represent connecting to something. It’s a card number of limitless potential. You are learning to master connecting to the significance of your suit. Also, you’ll be attracting your suit throughout your life so that you can realize your potential.

  • Threes relate to flying away from something. It has to do with experimentation and the struggle to grow or fight for something. At times, this card can be related to emergencies and crises.

  • Fours show how you’re mastering being secure concerning your suit. You’re learning to establish a solid foundation in your life that will give you stability in life.

  • Fives correspond to the fight to improve something or a situation. In the same way, we have five fingers on each hand, the number five cards indicate the effort it takes to make something better. This is also the card number that signifies changes and moving.

  • Sixes represent the most satisfaction you’ll receive concerning your suit. You are learning to be fulfilled with the fact that there’s only so much happiness that we can get from the world. The deep bliss that many of us are looking for can only be found in the more spiritual card numbers: the sevens, the eights, and especially the nines.

  • Sevens relate to endings and loss. Everything in life dies and cycles come to an end. People with sevens as their birth cards are learning about the limitations of life. By embracing endings, we allow new things to come into our lives and we learn to surrender to the inevitable.

  • Eights are akin to mirrors. The way we view life is a reflection of what’s within us. What’s within us will be reflected in our environment. Those with an eight birth card are learning that to have more harmony in our lives, we must make inner shifts first. Eights are teaching us that all experiences, good and bad, are our friends because they’re shining a light on our true nature.

  • Nines represent the completion of a cycle or the end of a journey. It represents the bliss and liberation that we’re all striving for. To obtain bliss, we must be willing to let go of ignorance and the limitation of self-importance. This card number is about seeing the Truth that God is a manifestation of all things and letting go of being in the state of duality and dissolving the illusion of the programmed “reality”. Once you do this, you can be so successful that you can bless others.

  • Tens represent the beginning of a new cycle and the individual Self. This card number often gives an abundance of something related to its suit. People with this card are learning to master themselves in new ways.

  • Jacks are extremely unique cards. You’re learning to find what pours out of your divine essence that is uniquely you. You’re mastering your creativity and learning to express your individuality.

  • Queens manage a lot of different tasks. This card is about transmuting the energy of one thing into something sustainable. Queens are productive cards that understand that to be successful, we need to put in the long-term effort.

  • Kings relate to specializing in something. You’re a leader in your field and you’re able to master something. At the same time, it’s essential to overcome the idea of self-importance because Kings who let their power and abilities go to their heads can be prone to being too egoistic and tyrannical. Once you do this, you will be able to be successful and master whatever suit your birth card represents.


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