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Jupiter's Journey Through The Houses

Updated: Mar 6

All about Jupiter

AI-generated image of Jupiter.

Nothing can contain Jupiter’s effervescent light of inspiration. He’s like a bolt of lightning that illuminates the heavens and then instantly vanishes. Act quickly on his influence if he sparks a creative business idea or an upbeat chorus within you. Who knows when his creative brilliance will spark again?


Jupiter represents the myriad of good things that make life sweeter and purposeful. He’s the planet of joy-giving wisdom, creativity, wealth, charity, children, husbands, and spiritual/religious and philosophical gurus. Jupiter is also the planet in which society can benefit from your purpose. It’s no wonder that this auspicious planet is revered by many— even Chinese astrology is linked to the cycles of Jupiter. 


I’ve even heard that some individuals plan to have their babies around the 12-year cycle of Jupiter, particularly when Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer, as it’s exalted, or when it’s in its own signs of Pisces and Sagittarius because this can provide a person with a huge boost in terms of knowing the best opportunities for financial growth, happiness with children and the spouse, and the wisdom of knowing that the more goodness you put out into the world, the more the universe blesses you.


Keep in mind, that you’ll want to analyze the dignity and what planets are conjunct or aspecting Jupiter, if any. If Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu are in the same sign that your Jupiter is in, it can cause some obstacles or confusion with the things this lucky planet rules.


How to find Jupiter in your astrological chart

To find the house your Jupiter is in, you’ll need your correct birth time because our time of birth indicates where the houses fall in our charts. In some countries, such as the United States, you’ll find your time of birth on your birth certificate.


Please visit the following website to generate your South Indian natal chart: Next, enter your birth information and in your chart, you’ll find two thin diagonal lines next to each other in a particular sign. Those lines represent your ascendant or the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the exact moment you were born. 


If Jupiter is in the same sign as your ascendant, then great! This means that Jupiter is in your first house. But if Jupiter is not on the ascendant, count how many houses (represented by squares) away Jupiter is from the first house, by counting the first house first. Keep in mind, that I practice whole sign and whole house Vedic astrology. See the example below. 

This is an example of a natal chart to exemplify the ascendant and how to determine Jupiter's house.
Example South Indian Natal Chart


In the example, the ascendant is in the sign of Capricorn, abbreviated Cp, and if we count the first house as number one, then the second house from the ascendant is Aquarius, the third house from the ascendant is Pisces, the fourth house from the ascendant is Aries, and the fifth house from the ascendant is Taurus. In other words, we have Jupiter, abbreviated Ju, in the fifth house.


If you’re a bit confused, the house cusp numbers that you see in most or all of the signs or squares may or may not correspond with the house Jupiter is in from the ascendant using the whole sign, whole house method. In our example, Jupiter doesn’t have a house cusp and that’s okay. In some charts, there may be more than one house cusp in a sign or none at all. We use house cusps for predictions, so for the sake of this exercise, we are counting houses from the ascendant to see the personality traits of Jupiter from the ascendant.


I think I’ve talked enough about Jupiter for now. Let’s get into the specifics of how your Jupiter placement can shine a light on your purpose, joy, luck, and all other good things in life!


Jupiter in the 1st house 

Jupiter has an abundant amount of strength when it’s on the ascendant. This can make a person very lucky on their path. Because Jupiter not only signifies great fortune but also averts negative events from happening. With this auspicious planet in your first house, you can more easily benefit from the goodness that may be on your path. Jupiter on the ascendant can aid in your physical health as well. You have a magnetism about you that draws others to you. I mean, who wouldn’t want to brush shoulders with someone with an abundance of innate joy, creativity, and wisdom in the hopes of somehow having that sweetness rub off on them? Further, you use your inner knowing to go after what is going to bring you the most happiness and wealth on your path. 


Jupiter in the 2nd house

Not only are you lucky to have your family but they can also benefit from you. You have a knack for fulfilling your responsibilities, being self-sufficient, and being reliable. You delight in satisfying your five senses and connecting to food and nature. Your contribution to the world may have to do with finances, family, and taking care of your responsibilities and these things can give you joy. The second house is the house of money and getting your needs met, so whenever you require something, you’ll attract that thing that makes you feel materially secure.


Jupiter in the 3rd house

You can benefit from siblings, associates, and teammates, which are all the types of people the third house represents. Your purpose may have to do with a skill that you possess, using your hands, or anything that has to do with communication and social media. When you put in the hard work and lots of concentrated effort into your talents, society may also benefit. Similarly, putting lots of energy into your skills can add happiness to your life because you’ll see your creation manifest into something beautiful. Further, this house also rules over short-distance trips. Hopping in the car and going on a mini road trip can bring you happiness because things can work out for you on your travels when you do.  


Jupiter in the 4th house

Since the fourth house represents the mother and the home, you may benefit from your mother and real estate or homes. You may find your purpose in selling real estate, being a property manager, or flipping homes. You may even have a hidden fortune or be unaware of some hidden fortune underneath your feet. At the very least, you hold a quiet treasure chest within you filled with divine wisdom and you bless others with sage advice when appropriate. With Jupiter lighting up your fourth house, even when things go to hell, you can have peace and the inner knowing that things will be okay because everything is working how it’s supposed to. 


Jupiter in the 5th house

Not only does Jupiter represent children and creativity, but so does the fifth house. There’s an emphasis on your purpose revolving around children and creativity. Are you a teacher or perhaps an artist? This lucky house also has to do with our creative self-expression, including anything that has to do with art and the performing arts. The fifth house can also be the house that shows how physically attractive a person is because self-expression is connected to how we dress and talk, our facial expressions and gestures. In other words, with a benefic planet like Jupiter in the fifth house, others may find you quite attractive due to your self-expression.


Jupiter in the 6th house

The sixth house is the house of worldly problems, health issues, enemies, debt, etc. The things of the sixth house always get better because this house rules wounds, which get better with time. You can be lucky when it comes to getting out of debt and dealing with health problems and enemies because you’ve become wise and intelligent when it comes to these issues. The sixth house has to do with the earth element and making material improvements, so you can be into anything that helps your personal development. Your purpose can be related to being of service to others to help them make material improvements to their lives.


Jupiter in the 7th house

There’s something about you that knows how to connect to others brilliantly. Many people with Jupiter in the seventh house can be destined for fame since this is a social house that has to do with the public and relating to others. You can be lucky in romantic relationships and with business partners. More succinctly, your purpose is to cultivate win-win situations be it with a business or romantic partner or with the public. Your wisdom comes from knowing how to trade and sell and creating a legacy. You can be lucky when it comes to foreign places as well, especially when it comes to going on business trips or selling products.


Jupiter in the 8th house

You can benefit financially from your spouse or other people’s money. Not only can others benefit from your psychological or occult knowledge, be it your knowledge of tarot, astrology, I Ching, and so on, but your occult knowledge can guide you in self-transformation. The eighth house can be a difficult one that has to do with anything hidden or battles against your enemies. However, with this great benefic planet lighting up your eighth house, you can have luck when it comes to having victory in your battles because you have an inner knowing of what you should do. Also, this house represents taboo topics such as death. As difficult as the loss of loved ones can be, you can benefit from loss whether you’re a bereavement counselor, a necromancer, involved in the mortuary sciences, or a beneficiary of inheritances. Lastly, you can be devoted to a spiritual belief that gives you the deep understanding that no matter what happens, you have the strength to endure and find joy.


Jupiter in the 9th house

Benefiting from the wisdom that your parents bestowed upon you, you can impart your sage advice to others. Your purpose can revolve around teaching others in a spiritual, religious, or philosophical sense or even something related to higher education. Your beliefs naturally align you to the right situations and you can appear lucky. You can be lucky when it comes to long-distance adventures, especially when they have to do with deepening your spiritual understanding. After your travels to distant lands, you can relay the spiritual lessons to others that you learned during your adventures.


Jupiter in the 10th house

It’s undeniable that the stars align for you when it comes to your path and your career. Being ambitious in your career can make you feel like life has a purpose. You can be lucky in leadership positions where you take charge of your path and guide others. Perhaps because you can carry a heavy load, you have no problem taking care of your responsibilities. Also, since the tenth house rules the father or father figure, you may benefit from your father’s/father figure’s knowledge. Others may notice your jolly Jupiterian qualities such as being charitable, wealthy, and extending joy and wisdom everywhere you go. 


Jupiter in the 11th house 

You receive recognition from others and can gain money financially from your career. You may be lucky when it comes to receiving titles, recognition, and awards. People may think you’re lucky because of your financial gains from your career, but you have a knack for building a network that can help you build your net worth. If one person from your network isn’t able to help you in your endeavors, perhaps they know someone who knows someone who can. The good things you have to offer can not only reach those in your social network but can extend to others around the globe.  


Jupiter in the 12th house

The twelfth house represents the house of our ancestors. With this auspicious planet in your twelfth house, you may benefit from the wisdom of your ancestors or by making connections to your life by creating a genealogy chart. In addition, the twelfth house is a moksha house that has to do with liberation from worldly problems. There can be joy in receiving something that you wished for and then letting go of that attachment and being free spiritually and/or physically. You can even benefit from being in confined spaces such as hospitals, jails/prisons, a place of research, ashrams, and so on. Even if your place of confinement is seen as a “bad” place, you may find the experience liberating because you were able to see the big picture. Also, you may have a myriad of opportunities to escape worldly responsibilities by going on vacations, relaxing in hot springs, entering different levels of consciousness with the use of plant medicines, or teleporting into a lucid dream or astral world where nothing is off-limits.



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