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Starring the Planets: Characters in the Cosmic Play

Updated: May 6

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Red carpet feature of the planets

We can think of our natal charts as the script of a cosmic play, written, directed, and created by God, starring the planets, the stars, and you, detailing our spiritual journey on Earth. By analyzing the signs and houses in which the planets fall within our chart, we better understand our character, as well as the role in which we play.  Studying our charts allows us to see what's in store for our character, providing foresight and understanding for upcoming seasons. Acquiring this information can help identify potential successes, accolades, struggles, and roadblocks. 

The signs, each of which corresponds to a part of the body, also called the limbs of Lord Vishnu, the manifestation of God in all things including you and me. In other words, our bodies are aligned with the script in the sky. The planets in our charts breathe life into the signs in which they’re placed. Each planet is important and has a unique and pivotal role. 

In this blog, I’ll briefly describe our main characters in the cosmic play taking place in a kingdom in the cosmos. We will discuss the planets and their role within the kingdom, and how they may perform when placed favorably or unfavorably in our charts. In effect, how well they’re disposed of in our astrological charts will shine a light on the roles we play in society, our habits, our happiness, our psychological complexes, and our health, as the planets greatly influence our lives.  

In a future blog post, I plan to describe in more detail how a planet can be placed favorably or unfavorably in our charts. For now, suffice it to say that if a planet is being influenced by his friend (yes, a planet can be friends, enemies, and indifferent to another planet) through conjunction or aspect, and/or is in a good dignity, the planet will display favorable results. If a planet aspects or conjuncts his enemy and/or has a weak dignity, the conditions of the planet can be unfavorable. In addition, if a planet is in the same sign as Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, there can be restrictions or an imbalance to that planet. Keep in mind, some planets in our chart display mixed results.

The Roles of the Planets in the Kingdom

Black and white photo of a chess board
Chess board

A kingdom can signify the place where we manifest our vision. It’s a reflection of who we are and our mission this lifetime. For one person, their kingdom is their home which they maintain and beautify. For a barber, it’s his barber shop. We can think of the planets as characters in our kingdom and how the planets are doing will determine how well the kingdom and vision are operating.

And now ladies and gents, I introduce to you, the main stars of the cosmic play– the planets:

  • The Sun is the noble King in our charts who delegates tasks to the other planets. The Sun is about making the world a better place and when it’s well disposed, it can help an individual be successful in what they’re meant to do here on Earth. He is responsible for the overall vision of the kingdom and takes inspired actions so that the vision becomes a reality. The Sun shows who we are and where we uniquely shine in this world. The Sun represents our vision, our individuality, our father/father figure, our career/responsibilities, our ingenuity, our inspiration, and more.

    • An individual with a successful Sun in their chart will exude fiery confidence and magnetism because they’re doing what they were born to do. When we’re doing something that isn’t reflective of who we are, this can hurt our confidence and ability. With a strong Sun in our charts, a person will be consistent with their life goals and will be an inspiring figure as they take no heed to distractions such as worrying about what others think about what they’re doing or what’s trending. Further, they can have good health because the Sun is like a furnace in our stomach which, when ignited with focused inspiration, can burn toxins.

    • Any affliction to the King in our charts can result in a person being a tyrant because their confidence/self-esteem is so low, that they resort to overcompensating. Affliction with the Sun can also cause trouble with one’s father/father figure, such as a person not having an inspiring role model in one’s life. Further, the person can spend years on a career path that has nothing to do with their inspiration, which can result in a lack of motivation and mental and physical health issues.

  • Exemplifying the Queen, the Moon sits on the side of the King. The King isn’t always thinking about other people’s feelings because he’s focused on achieving his goals and can inadvertently hurt others in the process. The Queen, on the other hand, leads by being sensitive to others’ needs and having the inner knowledge of what is good for the kingdom and what isn’t. She manages our emotions and sustains the royal palace by making tough judgment calls, as she adapts to changes. The Moon represents our conditioned consciousness, our mother/mother figure, the home, our personality, our needs, what we’re comfortable with, our level of happiness, and more. 

    • A strong Moon in a chart can make a person charismatic and sweet because he/she is sensitive to others and other people can feel seen/understood by the Moon person. Further, an individual will be able to act on their first feelings instead of their secondary ones. For example, instead of yelling at one’s spouse because they came home late, a person with a solid Moon can identify their correct emotion more easily and can say to their spouse, “It makes me sad when you’re not home often because I don’t spend much time with you. I’d like us to spend time together. ” People who know their first feelings can draw others closer to them because they tend to be easier to be around and can be emotionally vulnerable.

    • The Sun and the Moon are the leading roles in our charts because they represent who we are and exemplify how much success and happiness we’ll have in life. Afflictions to the Moon can lead to depression and other emotional issues, problems with the mother/mother figure, self-image distortions, strange behavior, concealment of true emotions, and more. 

  • Mars is the General in our chart who carries out the King’s (the Sun’s) most important assignments. The General in our charts knows how to focus his energy in an efficient way that helps him get his needs met healthily. He’s responsible for courageously protecting the Kingdom with his army by employing strategies that will aid in its protection. Mars represents our will, our ability to work with others and fix problems, what we train/fight for, our confidence in winning, our energetic body, and much more.

    • When Mars is favorable in our charts, we have a sense that we can carry out our goals in a successful way. We are slow to anger as we fight for noble causes and we exert our energy in healthy/successful ways. This individual can adapt as strategies may change.

    • An afflicted Mars is like a drunk general who has deranged energy and instead of following the Sun’s directions to teach at a high school, he constructs a strip club instead. A weak Mars can also result in fighting for the wrong things, confusion about asserting one’s will, and anger issues. Additionally, the individual can be accident-prone, have a weak immune system, and bottle up frustration due to not being able to exert their will and energy healthily.

  • The young prince in the cosmic kingdom is Mercury who is excellent in many ways. He is knowledgeable of the rules and precepts and is talented. He knows how to communicate the needs and goals of the palace effectively. Even though he likes to have fun, he’s also here to learn and create more balance/efficiency. Mercury represents communication, our skills and abilities, exploration, investigation, our friends, games, differentiation, and much more.

    • A strong Mercury helps us to investigate and remain curious, which can aid in the creation of a better kingdom. This is the type of individual who’s able to keep trying different things until they find something that works. They’re able to find humor and have fun in this world. A favorable prince (Mercury) can help one improve their craft, which enhances the King’s (the Sun) vision. 

    • An afflicted Mercury can cause a person not to see all of the options available to them or can be too discriminatory in an unhealthy way, getting hung up on what he/she doesn’t like, instead of accepting the differences in this world. Further, they may not have confidence in their ability to learn new things or they don’t know what they’re skillful in. They can have trouble asking for what they want because as children, perhaps they asked for something from their parents and they rolled their eyes or yelled at the child, or the kid got laughed at for their requests. 

  • Jupiter is the King’s spiritual/philosophical advisor or guru. He bestows wisdom as goodness flows through him. During crises, the King consults the advisor/guru for wisdom. Jupiter represents the myriad of good things that make life sweeter and purposeful. He’s the planet of joy-giving wisdom, culture, creativity, wealth, charity, children, husbands, and spiritual/religious and philosophical gurus. 

    • A person with a strong Jupiter in their chart will look inwardly for their purpose and goodness to flow. They can be a guru on a specific topic and have lots of joy-giving wisdom. This person is charitable and a woman’s spouse and children provide her with happiness. The guru’s inner knowing and creative spark can aid in the development of a noble kingdom.

    • A person with an afflicted Jupiter can look for goodness in things outside of themselves. They can be focused on finding happiness in cars, homes, titles, and recognition. However, goodness is found within us, not in anything outside of ourselves. They can make poor judgment calls which can cause trouble in a person’s life. Further, with a troubled Jupiter, a person can often question their purpose and lack the sweetness in life and in turn, can overindulge in sweets. Another thing that an afflicted Jupiter can do is it can cause issues with a spouse and children in a woman’s chart. 

  • Venus is the King’s advisor when it comes to practical matters. He’s the planet of real-world topics such as relationships, how to beautify the kingdom, how to make things more comfortable, the right type of foods and wine for guests, and so on. Venus represents win-win situations, relationships, our values, vehicles, prosperity, outward fulfillment, comforts, nature, beauty, charm, and more.

    • A favorable Venus in one’s chart can make them exude a shining grace and charm.  With a strong Venus in our charts, we’re able to be prosperous, meaning getting what we need when we need it and we can find fulfillment in worldly comforts, without overindulging. A person can rejuvenate and find pleasure in natural things. They can be great teachers, counselors, and poets.

    • With an inauspicious Venus in our charts, an individual isn’t able to rejuvenate from life’s stressors. Facing difficulties in relationships, they struggle to get what they need from others. They may put 80% into a relationship and only get 20% in return. Also, they may not get much fulfillment from life or they can overindulge in alcohol and food.

  • Saturn is the servant in the kingdom. In Vedic mythology, Saturn is the bastard child of the Sun. I’m sure you can imagine how not being acknowledged by one’s father can be traumatic and painful. This is why we can pinpoint a person’s trauma by finding the house and sign in which Saturn is placed. Further, the servant is a humble but necessary position, as he protects the kingdom by eliminating trash. Saturn shows what is not reflective of who we are and our weaknesses. He exemplifies the drudgerous stuff we don’t want to do, detachment, our pain and weaknesses, who we aren’t, diseases, limitations, losses, lack, and more. 

    • A person with an auspicious Saturn has the patience and endurance to eventually do great things in life. They realize there are no shortcuts and sometimes we have to start with the more humble jobs such as cleaning toilets before we earn respect in society to do the bigger things. Also, a solid Saturn helps us know when to stop doing something and to rest.

    • An afflicted Saturn can cause health issues due to the body not being able to eliminate the junk and toxins in our system properly. Also, it can cause a person to focus on inspirations that have nothing to do with who they are or they can be too focused on their pain and trauma. Additionally, they could stay in an unhealthy relationship or workplace longer than they should.

  • Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, and Ketu, the South Node of the Moon, aren’t visible forces like the other planets. They’re mathematical points based on the cycles of the Sun and the Moon that influence eclipses. Keep in mind, there are no auspicious or inauspicious placements for the nodes of the Moon but they are perhaps the most important elements in a natal chart because they represent our spiritual growth and deep transformation.

    • Rahu is a foreigner who doesn’t know the rules or traditions of the land he’s in. Whatever sign, house, and planet(s) conjunct Rahu show what we are developing. He represents where we feel uncomfortable and confused, the unexpected, new experiences, false things, and delays.

  • Ketu is considered the “mixed caste” who isn’t 100% accepted in society. Ketu in our charts exemplifies our past lives, our ancestors, what we’re comfortable with, our limitations, liberation, and what we’re letting go of this lifetime.

As the curtain closes on our cosmic play,  I hope you were left with a better understanding of how the planets play a significant role in our daily lives. Diving deep into your birth chart can be tremendously liberating. The information obtained from having a birth chart reading or learning how to read your chart can provide profound knowledge to aid in our spiritual journeys. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out at

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Photo of Gina

Greetings! I'm Gina, a California native who has voraciously studied astrology since 2018. I use Tropical Vedic Astrology and cartomancy as my main vehicles in my cosmic quest for profound spiritual understanding and healing. 

I hold a B.A. in Psychology and an M.S. in Marriage & Family Therapy. With over fifteen years of counseling and teaching experience, I've always enjoyed listening to people's stories and helping them on their path.

The content on this page is to be treated as entertainment purposes only and should never replace professional advice. Her Cosmic Crown uses astrology and the cards as a tool to help with guidance providing advice during readings. We will not be responsible for the decisions you make after a reading.

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