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The Good And The Bad of Kalapurusha (Time Personified)

Updated: Mar 6

The symbols of zodiac signs placed symbolically on a human figure from head to feet
Kalapurusha (time personified)

In Vedic Astrology, Kalapurusha or “time personified” signifies a body extremely arched backward to where the feet touch the head. In astrology, each body part corresponds to a zodiac sign. The head is Aries, the alpha, which indicates the divine crown of inspiration. The feet are ruled by Pisces, the omega, which are often regarded as dirty parts of the body because the feet sweat when they’re enclosed in bacteria-ridden shoes and when we walk barefoot, our feet become filthy. In other words, the feet can symbolize doing impure things. Even saints have been recorded to have dirty feet that need to be cleaned. The feet touching the head in the Kalapurusha image symbolize the divine unity between Godliness and impurity and there’s a cycle of having all the experiences under the Sun that are part of the enlightenment process. In other words, illumination is not the absence of impurity, but having impure actions is part of the divine process.


Ruled by Jupiter, Pisces is the sign that signifies the understanding that to be enlightened, we sometimes have to tread the dirty path of life. How can we know the Light without aimlessly wandering on the dark, sinful path? Striving to be impossibly perfect can cause a person to have problems because they’re not living a balanced life. For example, overall, it’s noble to be selfless but there’s a time to be selfish, just as long as we understand why we need to be selfish in that moment. 


Wisdom is knowing that sometimes we have to do the things that are not what we believe to be perfect and clean, which are indications of Virgo, the opposite sign of Pisces. Virgo, ruled by Mercury is about differentiation, rules, and putting things into categories. In some situations, following purely rigid rules can be toxic because what if the rules we are following are harmful and oppressive? Also, following a protocol can be best for some and not for others.


We’re on the path of “Moksha” or liberation, ruled by Pisces when we understand that part of playing by the cosmic rules in life, is about seeing God in the “good” and the “bad”.  Source is the beginning and the end and we have to bend backwards to see that sometimes the “good” becomes the “bad” and the “bad” becomes the opposite. I’m sure you can think of times where you were in hostile environments and that helped push you towards seeking more welcoming spaces. Sometimes to be on our ideal path, God uses whatever person, thing, situation, or concoction to get us there and those things can be pleasant or uncomfortable experiences or somewhere in between. We become enlightened when we understand that all experiences and everything and every person in the world are created from the hands of God in the absence of duality.


“Thus we can discover the truth—that as the indwelling Self, the soul, we are untouched by the dualities and the trials of the world; we are and always have been one with the blissful Infinite” —Paramahansa Yogananda



A photo of Gina, the creator of Her Cosmic Crown, in Egypt
Gina from Her Cosmic Crown

I'm Gina, a California native who has voraciously studied astrology since 2018. I use Tropical Vedic Astrology and cartomancy as my main vehicles in my cosmic quest for profound spiritual understanding and healing. 


I hold a BA in Psychology and an MS in Marriage & Family Therapy from San Diego State University. With over fifteen years of counseling and teaching experience, I've always enjoyed listening to people's stories and helping them on their path.


In my free time, I enjoy hiking, globe-trotting, chasing sunsets, reading, or doing something astrology-related.

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