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Find Your Soul Planet (Aka Atmakaraka)

Updated: Jun 20

Almost everyone knows their Sun sign but do you know your Atmakaraka, aka Soul Planet? 

The Atmakaraka is a Jaimini technique that represents you. Similar to understanding the descriptions of your Sun sign, knowing your soul planet can help you learn about yourself in a new way and be more at peace with personality characteristics that are innate to who you are. The Atmakaraka is a Sanskrit term that translates to "soul indicator", "soul significator", or “the producer of the Self” in English. 

When I first got into astrology, the first things I investigated were my Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs because they exemplify who we are. At the same time, I wish I had known that there’s another self-indicator in our chart and that’s the Atmakaraka. My Mercury Atmakaraka has revealed that I'm intensely curious, I enjoy finding humor in lots of things, and I search for opportunities in seemingly hopeless places.

How Do I Find My Atmakaraka?

Example Image of a Vedic Astrological Chart
Example of How to Find Your Soul Planet

To find your Atmakaraka, visit the Vault of the Heavens Chart Generator by clicking here. To locate your Atmakaraka in your astrological chart, you’ll need to find the planet with the highest degree. If two or more planets have the same degree, then the planet with the highest minutes and seconds will be your Atmakaraka.

The birth chart example below shows that Jupiter (Ju) encircled in red is the highest

degree at 28 degrees and 2 minutes.

The Vault of the Heavens abbreviation guide is as follows: Su= Sun, Mo= Moon, Ma= Mars, Me=Mercury, Ju= Jupiter, Ve= Venus, Sa= Saturn. 

Brief Descriptions of Each Atmakaraka

AI illustration of the planets
Which planet is your Soul Planet?

The Atmakaraka doesn’t include neither Rahu (North Node of the Moon) nor Ketu (South Node of the Moon) nor the outer planets. Also, the effects of your Atmakaraka are contingent upon your entire chart as a whole. If your Soul Planet is in a low dignity or in the same sign as Saturn, Ketu, or Rahu, along with other factors, it can affect the expression of your Soul Planet, so keep this in mind as you read the following descriptions. 

To understand your Atmakaraka holistically, click here to receive an astrological reading from Gina.

The Sun- You have a great sense of Self and you’re a take-charge type of person. As an inspiring leader, you have a vision for where you want your life to go. You’re able to take care of your responsibilities in a noble way and nothing fires you up more than being able to create and build your kingdom. You’re the most fulfilled when you can shine in what you’re meant to do on earth.

The Moon- Cultivating a strong sense of inner knowing, you’re intuitive and sensitive to your environment. You flow to places where you feel the most comfortable and happy. Others enjoy being around you because you can easily tap into their feelings and relate to people’s experiences. You make them seen and heard.  

Mars- You have lots of focused energy to go after your inspirations. Your zest for life is found in your activities. Self-disciplined and independent, you like to resolve issues logically. You’re ready to fight and protect the things that are important to you.

Mercury- Intellectually curious and skillful, you crave new experiences in life and you’re open to the options that are available to you. You have a knack for finding humor in life, which is important in this world that isn’t always pleasant. Others enjoy your friendly demeanor, your communicative nature, and your playful energy.

Jupiter- You want what you do in this world to matter. The more good you do, the more joyous you become. People seek your wisdom and creative insights. You have so much to offer that there’s no end to how charitable you can be, financially or spiritually/philosophically speaking.

Venus- Your charm and grace can light up a room. Others admire how respectful and pleasant you are to be around. Cultivating healthy win-win relationships is important to you. Knowing what is worth your time and energy is essential to your fulfillment. Also, you can bask in the pleasant things of the world, which can help make your life more enjoyable such as appetizing food, tasty drinks, and good company.

Saturn- You’re well-equipped to handle hardships and burdens. You have the inner strength to keep going for a long time. Because of this, you understand that there are no shortcuts in life and you’re willing to put in the hard work today and see your success manifest when the fruit is ripe. You are persistent and patient and understand when it’s time to take a break from the hard work and rest up. 

Who is this free ebook for?

Subscribe to my mailing list by entering your email on my webpage and immediately receive a link to download a free copy of this insightful 33-page PDF by clicking here! In the ebook, you’ll find a basic description of how to read a Vedic astrological chart and fascinating information on the Soul Planets.

This free Soul Planet ebook is best for:

  1. Seekers who would like to understand the foundations of analyzing an astrological chart and learn basic astrological definitions and Sanskrit terms.

  2. Curious individuals eager to understand themselves and others on another level through this easy Jaimini technique. 


Black & White image of Gina, founder of Her Cosmic Crown
About Gina

Greetings! I'm Gina, a California native who has voraciously studied astrology since 2018. I use Tropical Vedic Astrology and cartomancy as my main vehicles in my cosmic quest for profound spiritual understanding and healing. 

I hold a B.A. in Psychology and an M.S. in Marriage & Family Therapy. With over fifteen years of counseling and teaching experience, I've always enjoyed listening to people's stories and helping them on their path.

The content on this page is to be treated as entertainment purposes only and should never replace professional advice. Her Cosmic Crown uses astrology and the cards as a tool to help with guidance providing advice during readings. We will not be responsible for the decisions you make after a reading.


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